Grey literature acquisition and management challenges

Grey literature acquisition and management challenges find out its selection and acquisition process. The publications themselves often do not give any clues where to find the publisher. Does your library encounter any challenges in acquiring the grey literature?

To identify the problems of grey literature and their possible solutions. The library of the faculty of Business Administration v. Reaching other academic institutions and private contacts is invaluable in monitoring new literature or ephemeral publication.

The phenomenal advances in research and learning, relatively small and fragile publishing sector, recurring shortages of conventional publications, and persistent shortfalls in library acquisitions budgets have, in recent times, brought to the fore, the significance of grey literature in supporting ongoing initiatives aimed at improving living standards in developing nations Musical, Grey literature defines is as: In the academic setting like Africa, word of mouth is an important way of learning about a new publication or report or project which may generate publication.

Social Science Library vii. This implies that they have to be stamped, accessioned, catalogued and classified. The current trend for sourcing grey literature materials is through the use of information technology IT. Characteristics of Grey Literature 1.

Grey literature materials do not have any ISBN or SINS and so cannot be easily tracked down or accessed by a large group of clients except some concerted efforts are made. The situation is made worse by the fact that grey literature on the continent is inadequately documented and there is a general absence of national or regional bibliographic databases that can be accessed to find out he grey literature that exists on the continent and where to access it.

Aba and Etiti in October The problem is that, these numbers were designed to include subject matter, date, form, agency, section, additional data and consequently are quite long and confusing.

Grey literature

Challenges in Academic Libraries in Africa. Grey literature is particularly important as a means of distributing scientific and technical and public policy and practice information. Aims and objective of the institution ii. The key point here is that since grey literature is not well-covered by conventional book trade channels, the acquisitions librarian is faced with such difficulties to identify, acquire, process and access these literature than the conventional literature.

The Pilot Plant Library building. Also, the rapid increase of grey literature in virtually all subject areas is becoming a challenge and gradually giving librarians great concern. Related works deal with the positive impact of the World Wide Web WWW on the acquisition, control and provision of grey literature in academic libraries.

The pilot plant library is regarded as reference library s no borrowing is done there. There is also lack of capacity, both human and institutional, for managing grey literature which increasingly is being generated in digital format.

Grey literature is one of the materials selected and acquired in Libraries. The nature of materials required in terms of book and non-book. The policies also address the selection criteria of the prospective literature.

At the same time a great deal of grey literature remains hidden, either not made public or not made discoverable via search engines. In some fields, especially in the life sciences and medical sciences, there has been a traditional preference for only using peer-reviewed academic journals while in others, such as agriculture, aeronautics and the engineering sciences in general, grey literature resources tend to predominate.

Organisations which produce grey literature prefer to describe it rather than defining it Gokhale, To know what challenges are encounter in acquiring grey literature and how to face them.

It is becoming a common means of information exchange, particularly as personal publishing software improves and Internet access expands. Identification and Acquisition of Grey Literature With regard to identification and acquisition, the so called grey literature is an intermediate between published and unpublished works.

Other terms used for this material include: Not much is documented about the situation in many other developing nations of Africa. It is the act of making available the library materials that was selected from the list of publication, and it is done through the following channels, purchase, gifts, inter-library loan or exchange, legal deposit, etc.

The preparatory work for the library began in June with J. Definitions[ edit ] While a hazy definition of "grey literature" had existed previously, the term is generally understood to have been coined by the researcher Charles P.

Corporate bodies and individuals who are friends Of the academic libraries send their publication to the library. From the understanding of various definitions of grey literature, the acquisition and management of grey literature in African academic libraries becomes an issue the librarian exploits.Challenges Of Selection And Acquisition Of Grey Literature In Libraries (A Comparative Study Of Federal University Of Technology And Imo State University Both Of Owerri) Return To Previous Page $.

Management of Grey Literature The management of grey literature through cataloguing, maintenance and preservation is a core issue to be considered on library to library basis in Africa.

Although, it would appear that special libraries are primarily concerned with this literature, but academic libraries will have their share, depending on their.

Collection Management Volume 24, - Issue Submit an article Journal homepage. 67 Grey Literature Poses New Challenges for Research Libraries Collecting Grey Literature: An Annotated Bibliography, with Examples from the Sciences and Technology.


Grey Literature Acquisition and Management

Bank Deposit/Transfer/USSD/ATM Payments Project Details. Project Title: CHALLENGES OF SELECTION AND ACQUISITION OF GREY LITERATURE IN LIBRARIES Amount. The grey literature, or literature that has not been formally published in books or journal articles (e.g., conference abstracts, newsletters.

Grey literature acquisition and management: challenges in academic libraries in Africa O Osayande, CO Ukpebor Grey Literature Acquisition and Management: Challenges in Academic Libraries ,

Grey literature acquisition and management challenges
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